Who let the dorks out?

Welcome fellow dorks and dorkettes! April 15, 2008

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Hello SLadies and Gents! We are the 3 amigos of dorkiness who are ecstatic you found our little blog! Though we may appear smooth and fashionista-y on the outside… we use words like “fashionista-y” on the inside. We’re all in the virtual world we can not say that rhymes with Schmecond Schmife, to have fun, plain and simple. This little blog will show you how we sisters in dorkiness do that. Meet Fionna Whiteberry (Fi), Paulina Oceanlane (Pau) and IsabellaGrace Baroque (Bella). You can call us by our Hollywood Couple Name, Fipaubella, if you so chose. We will cover fashion, travel, events, music, photography and all things silly. We will even have contests in the future to give you a chance to win lindens for your own photography within the themes we set up. WARNING: You will see our little dorky brains changing the header every so often to match the seasons and/or something we decide to try and later delete because it looks horrible. SO….that being said, welcome to “Who Let the Dorks Out? Oof! Oof! Oof!” We look forward to making asses of ourselves for you very soon! ­čśÇ


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