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Ridin’ Nerdi May 6, 2008

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Hello there Dork reader(s)…. I’m not assuming there is more than one of you out there quite yet *winks and waves to her roomie Alabama*. Ok, enough of that. Today I am going to take you to a magical shop called Nerdi. Creator, Nerd Mumfuzz, is new to retail but a long time and talented builder. Her perfected craft shows in her awesome stuffage, but beyond being amazing…. ITS SILLY!!!! If you are a fan of old skool Nintendo and all things 80’s, you MUST visit soon. She has things like an Operation Game Belt, Pimp Wagon with cute poses, Duck Hunter Belt, Mushroom Glasses and more. I’ll cut the small talk and just show you some of the goods and link ya so you can see for yourself. I should also mention she set out a Pac-man shaped freebie box full of silly gestures and animations, YAY!!!!! I know my fellow dorks will appreciate that. All the rest of her stuff is super affordable for the non-workin avi and totes worth it. GO NAO, KTHXBAI!

Visit Nerdi today!

Ridin Nerdi

This store rawks mah sawks!

Daaamn Yooou Whack-A-Mooole!!!!

Nuuu! Lost again! Play some Whack-A-Mole and wind down from all the shopping awesomeness

Ridin Nerdi

This here bike comes complete with hand signals, rainbow streamers, a card on the back wheel, and bear in the basket complete with Nerd’s signature specs 😀


We interupt your blog surfing for this brief message from Bella…*giggles*. Okay, so the sim has been slightly altered and there is a new SLurl to Nerdi‘s store. I updated the previous one as to avoid confusion. It drops you off slightly askew from the actual location (no idea why, sorry) so look for this building just to the left of you:

New Nerdi location_001

She has some BRILLIANT new creations guaranteed to make you ooo and awww and rofl your arse off! Go visit soon 😀


3 Responses to “Ridin’ Nerdi”

  1. The Diva Says:

    That Hungry Hungry Hippo is a riot!

  2. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    Isn’t it though Diva? Not sure if it shows but it comes with the cutest little bag of marbles too!! Hope you stop by Nerdi’s soon & grab some fun toys to enhance your slife :DD

  3. IsabellaGrace Baroque Says:

    a comment, we has one! YAY! *does a little jig* thanks for the visit Miss Rockin 😀

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