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U can has cheezburger tooz! May 8, 2008

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Alright, so this isn’t SL related, but I’m thinking of making a lolcat day in our blog. Maybe like a weekly lolcat that gave us a chuckle to share with you nutbars. I probably should check with the others first but this just made me LOLROFLLMAOBUAHAHA outloud in teh RL right now. My dog is doing her cocked-head shock-and-awe look that she gives me when she is puzzled by my antics. She doesn’t get my interwebz addiction either…. I digress…

more cat pictures


7 Responses to “U can has cheezburger tooz!”

  1. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    LMFAO!!!!!! Great idea Bella 😀 Wonder if this little guy got skered by my tiny badass bunny av???

  2. oh hai, is it okay if we have Lolcat Thursdays? hahaha, sowwy got excited :D. and he prolly did. with you Donald Duckin it all over the grid, it’s just not kosher. Just cuz you’re tiny, doesn’t mean exposed naughty bits is “cute”! >=O

  3. Decerto aka Partyboy Says:

    *dances in wearing bowtie and matching banana hammock to loud techno music”

    Hai dere ladies! Gotta show me the kyoot bunny av sometime (winks at Fionna)

    Awesum idea! I luv teh lolcatz, plus they are dorktastic, no? ❤

    Also put slmen in your fashion blogroll… guys can be dorks too ya knaw! *starts gyrating hips to the music* yeaahhh!

  4. oh hai Partehboi! hehehe…. thats like the only Jackass stunt I still find funny. I hate to say it… but gud idea. SLMen incoming! *covers her eyes and sobs as Dec gyrates all over teh blog*

  5. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    Hey Bella at least Partehboi wore da banana hammock….we won’t have to wash everything down now!!

    Dec you can see my bunny av whenever you want! She’s a baaaaad little bunneh 😀

  6. Decerto aka Partyboy Says:

    I’ll bring mah carrott and teh pet shampoo babeh ; )

    Thanks for adding SLmen to your blog and congrats for rapidly approaching 100 members after only a few days of dorkiness! Whewt!

  7. Thanks Dec! We can’t believe it ourselves. We are at 571 hits to boot :D. I guess we were right, there ARE a lot of inner dorks bursting to get out all over the grid, hehe.

    *gets the bleach* Fi, right behind you. I have a feeling bunneh might need a bleach wash after Dec’s done

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