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Psychosomatic Rebuilders May 11, 2008

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I am Paulina Oceanlane and I like silly avatars. Luckily, there are many shops on the grid catering for my needs and I am always amazed with what designers come up with using their imagination and fantasy. Everybody who has been to “Grendels Children” will know what I talk about, and if you have not, hold on for a little bit, because we will be writing about this brilliant sim in the future. Another quite unsusual shop is “Psychosomatic Rebuilders”, upon which I stumbled a while ago.

Psychosomatic Rebuilders

Olza Koenkamp offers alternatives for those becoming bored with the usual furry, tiny and neko avatars, or even with the shining Barbie-and-Ken looks that are so typical in our world. I do not exclude myself from being guilty of creating an idealised avatar that looks toned and slim, always has a good hair day, no spots and fits into all dresses perfectly. Yet I am drawn to weird avatars like a moth is drawn to a 100 watt lightbulb and therefore I had quite a hard time to decide which of the wonderfully psychosomatic avatars to buy. The prices range between 100 -200 $L, which is not too bad at all.

Psychosomatic Avatars

Included in the service is the opportunity to leave your old avatar at their shop for disposal, but I decided to hold on to it because I did spend quite some time on me. Plus, the monkeh would most certainly not get along with the fox.

Leave your avatars here

In the end I went for “calmhead”, because it is always good to keep a calm head in every situation Second Life® throws at you.


Psychosomatic Rebuilders: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Epirrhoe/89/249/74


6 Responses to “Psychosomatic Rebuilders”

  1. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    YAY!! Your first post – great job!! I love this avatar you have….when you first see it, it’s jaw-dropping with all it’s ugliness…then it grows on you…..like fungus 😀 <33333

  2. Fungus definitely came to mind when I first saw Pau in all her booger-face glory! Nice post Pau, and looks like a fun store 😀

  3. P.S. this reminds me of Monty Python. I ❤ this store moar nao 😀

  4. Hey Paulina, thank you for warm words!
    I just did
    profile for the place & avies and linked your article there. cool blog!

  5. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Olza, thanks for your comment and the link to our blog! It landed in the spam filter, no idea why, I just discovered it and had to approve it manually. I hope to see more of your avatars on the grid, they rock! 😀

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