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I Wanna Run Through Your Wicked Garden May 19, 2008

As many of you are aware, the Garden of NPIRL Delights is going on right now at Rezzable. Now I am a crappy tour guide, but I was really confused and overwhelmed at even FINDING the place, let alone knowing where to go and what to see. After way too much time walking around like a lost puppy/idiot, I found me a beautiful path with a big giant sign that leads you right into the garden. I’m sure most people have realized this, but for you common sense-challenged out there, heres some help. Ride This SLurl and click the sign.


It comes bearing geefts for you! There is a folder called “Garden of NPIRL Delights” (I know, really hard to find in the ole inventory, lol) and inside you will find everything you need to begin your tour. There is a tour HUD that attaches to your screen, and hops you around from one piece to the next. It can be as simple as that, but the Rezzable team has broke it down further for you and gives you 4 notecards of the four different sims there: Create, Design, Discover and Explore; complete with descriptions and SLurls to get back to whatever one you want! I still am exploring myself but wanted to show you some of my favs so far and of course, the genius Four Yip has graced us with more freebie goodness! For the official, non-idiot tour guide, you can visit the official NPIRL website. So come play and maybe I will see you there! HAVE FUN!!! 😀

The Path to the Garden

Garden of NPIRL Delights

Four Yip work of art plus new and old beautiful freeberz! GO GET SOME!!!

Garden of NPIRL Delights
“Limbo” is the Rezzable Staff’s Lounge and heads up to a very cool Observation Deck, with yet another helpful sign and folder of goodies if you missed the first one.


4 Responses to “I Wanna Run Through Your Wicked Garden”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Now I want to go there even more!! Great pics, Bella.

  2. aww, thanks Pau! i smell a fieldtrip! we’d have fun 😀

  3. Rightasrain Says:

    Glad you stopped by! So much to see and explore… check the flickr group also http://www.flickr.com/groups/npirlgarden/pool/

  4. yay! thanks rightasrain for checkin out our post about it :D. i just joined the group and am in awe of all the lovely images. thanks again 🙂

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