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Dorks With a Darkside =O May 22, 2008

Oh hai thur kids! This post ventures a little from what you are used to here at Dorks. However, we don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves. We promised you diversity, and diversity you shall have! Last night I had the honor of attending the Violent Nightmares Fashion show for the amazing creators of Sn@tch, Philotic Energy, Retox, Nomine Skins and Vital Animations. This was a BRILLIANT show with all the dark and twisty goodness you’d expect from this talented brood, and then some! Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch and crew recently had a Flickr contest open to anyone, incouraging peeps to capture the essence of these amazing companies and incorporating the products into the shot. The group can be seen here in The Sn@tch Pool. Well the response was phenominal as there were SO many beautiful entries. (WARNING: Brief shameless self-promotion to follow) In fact, they were so amazing that it shocked me even more to see that I was chosen as third in the contest!!!

The Harlot

The winner, and my bff, was Alabama Smalls. Her pic landed her a guest spot in the fashion show as well as a lot of swag to sport all over the grid, makin all the rest of us jellie. So congratulations to Bama for a beautiful entry, and also Summer Deadlight for the 2nd place spot. You gals rock! Go buy some awesome newness at all these store NAO! They are crazy awesome and so original.

Violent Nightmares Show
Alabama Smalls, a.k.a. UBERmodel rocked the stage on her runway debut. Congrats!

Violent Nightmares_019
Forgeef the unrezziness, as my computer said “fook it!” and threw its arms in the air

The lovely Ivey Deschanel in her crazy beautiful “Buffalo Bill’s Bride” gown. Appropriately named if you can figure out what it’s made of. ~It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again~ *shudders*

Violent Nightmares Show
Nerdin’ Out at the after-party with my crazy meth-addict dance

Go buy their shet:

Ivey Deschanel of Snatch
Roblem Hogarth of Retox!
Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy
Siennah Elcar & Nepeta Ling of Vital Animations
Munchflower Zaius of Nomine


8 Responses to “Dorks With a Darkside =O”

  1. Appropriately named if you can figure out what it’s made of.


  2. yus…awesome and juicy ladies. i feel a little dirteh for loving it so much, but its fookin brill!

    YOU are made of awesome….and puppy dog farts, rainbows and sugah 🙂

  3. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    The show looked great Bella…just sorry I had to miss it!

    Oh and puppy dog farts means we luffs ya Olivia, they are good!! Come from puppies, can’t be bad! Leave it to a dork to show love through puppy farts! Bella you so funny! <333

  4. she’s right. its the rainbows and sugah that is offensive

  5. Paulina Oceanlane Says:


  6. That. Was. THE. Best fashion show EVER.

    For many reasons, but mostly the interlude where everyone stopped to discuss the merits of my ass.

    Amazing clothes, fantasic music, terrific atmosphere. But mostly because of all the great people who were there.

  7. how did i miss the ass discussion? i must have been busy shaking my own! hehe, thanks for the comment Winter, you’re right; BEST EVAH!!!!

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