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I Lurve MiaSofia! May 25, 2008

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Hey gang! Today I will share with you my not-so-secret obsession. Hi my name is Bella and I’m a MiaSofia-holic. It’s a magical place and a LM you should all have. Oh hai, let me geef u one! I’ve been a skin collector for some time (not Buffallo Bill style, I don’t wear lotion much and I don’t own a hose) but the day I found Mia Snow Myriam’s Dahlia Skins on Flickr, well I pretty much died and went to a very pale and creepy heaven! Which is fitting, being the skin is modeled after the famous deader and all… i digress…

Living Dead Girl

MiaSofia is a fabulous sim made up of three stores; MiaSnow by MiaSnow Myriam, Alexitimia Tattoo by Valle Giulia and LurveBite by Sofia London. I can’t say enough about Mia’s skins as they are unique, unusual, so incredibly realistic and simply beautifully crafted. She also has a collection of clothing in the main store on the corner of the sim. Alexitimia Tattoos is the brainchild of the mega-talented Valle. She has a wide variety of ink from the simplest heart collection on the chest to all out body-covering works of art. I don’t wear tattoos much normally, but after buying the Sacred Winged Heart early on in my SLife, I fell in love. Or lurve I should say… as LurveBite is the final store (nice segue eh?) on our list. Sofia designs clothing and some jewelry that are all very fun and original. She also has a new food couture outfit that comes out once a month and is available for a limited time.

Not only can you do some serious damage to the ole wallet there, but the atmosphere is SO much fun for photo ops and hanging with friends. There are fun little poseballs and surreal nature all over the place that you just need to go explore and see for yourself. SL artists like Strawberry Holiday, Trindolyn Beck and Blued Food have all contributed to its gorgeous goodness and make it extra special. The gals are always re-inventing the space and keep it fresh, and in fact, as we speak a remodel is going on that will surely be even more fun and amazing than before. So go… you heard me… GO! And fill your wallet with LaLas first because trust me, you’ll need it!

3 Dorkateers
On Pau: Skin- Chronica by MiaSnow, Blood- I C*m Blood (also comes with an arsenal of bad ass guns)
On Fi: Skin- Sofia 2.0 8 by MiaSnow, Tat- Pin Ups from Alexitimia Tattoo
On Bella: Skin- Abby 12 by MiaSnow, Dress- Heart Bizarre by MiaSnow, Tat- Candy Heart by Mia Snow

On Bama: Skin- Sofia2.0 5 by MiaSnow, Outfit- Rainbow Renegade in Olive by MiaSnow
On Bella: Skin- Mia 2 by MiaSnow, Tat- Koi Japanese from Alexitimia Tattoo, Tank- Guy Beater from LurveBite, Jeans- GoGo 88 Jeans by MiaSnow

Dead Dreamer
Skin- Dead Dreamer 8 by MiaSnow
Dress- Velvet Poof Dress from LurveBite
Tat- Falling Stars from Alexitimia Tattoo

Skin- Hunny 4 by MiaSnow
Tat- Sacred Heart color version (not for sale but awesomesauce black and white available) from Alexitimia Tattoo
Dress- After Glow from LurveBite


4 Responses to “I Lurve MiaSofia!”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Great shots! 🙂 Yes, that SIM is amazing.

  2. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were remodeling yet again….can’t wait to see what they put out there this time. Keep amazing us ladies! 😀

  3. Assignment Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Assignment!!!

  4. Hi Assignment! Well sorry about the point being lost in translation, but thanks for visiting! 😀 I was just saying that I love MiaSofia and it’s a great place to shop 🙂

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