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Take a deep breath and visit Chi May 26, 2008

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Having the blues because work is overwhelming, the weather is pulling you down or too much stress in your life leaves you exhausted? Wish you could just hop on the next plane and escape to a blue-sky-bright-sun place, where you can dig your toes into the hot sand and taste the salty water on your lips? But due to lack of time/money/whatever you have to resort to your last chocolate bar? If that all sounds familiar, why not try an alternative. Open your inventory, put on your nicest sunbleached hair, tanned skin, your favourite beachwear and that pair of glamorous sunglasses you never get around to wear, and teleport to Chi.

Chi is an awesome place I discovered in the very early days of my Second Life® and I keep coming back there to relax or to take pictures, as featured in this blog a couple of times. Chi has lots of different spots, which are just waiting to be explored. One of them is a beautiful bay with huge waves, where you can go surfin. Fi and I decided to rent a scripted surfboard for $L45 (stays rezzed until you hop off) and give it a go. It was a challenge at first to catch the waves, but once we figured it out, it was great fun – and don’t we look hawt on our boards?!

Everbody's gone surfin

Wandering around the island you can find many secluded spots. This little tea house hides a steam bath with a massage table and several pink and blue poseballs beneath it, perfect for a romantic pampering session with that special someone. 😉

Romantic spot

If you feel more adventurous, you can climb up to the vulcano and take a ride on the Big Black Bird.

Getting in touch with your inner Zen.
In safe hands

Or just have a cold drink and watch the day dissolve in shades of pastels.
Relaxing at the beach


3 Responses to “Take a deep breath and visit Chi”

  1. great shots Pau! i never knew about this place and now i MUST go!!! great post sweetie 😀

  2. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Thank you. 🙂 It was really hard to get good shots while surfing! LOL. Actually, you’ve been there already once, when we were dorking around in our bat avatars.

  3. fionnawhiteberry Says:

    Awesome post Pau!! Great job on the surfing shot of us, I know how hard that was to get!! 😀

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