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Dork of the Week: Naxos Loon!!! May 26, 2008

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We love seeing how everyone is showing their dorkside in Second Life, however, your submissions are all so funny that we find it difficult to pick just one winner each week! After deliberation we are happy to announce that Naxos Loon has nabbed this weeks “Dork of the Week” title!! Have you seen this guy’s flickr stream? If not, what teh hell are you waiting for?? Go NAO! Naxos amazes us with the quality of his photos and the stories they tell. I find myself looking to see if the monkey has been on any more adventures! Check out his stream and you will find a guy who really appreciates the artistic side of the grid – it more than shows in his photographs. Keep up the great work Naxos, honor well deserved!

Burger Anybody?


8 Responses to “Dork of the Week: Naxos Loon!!!”

  1. It worked! nice work Fifo :). And great pic Naxos!!!!

  2. Naxxos Says:

    thanks very much 🙂

  3. Candy Lemmon Says:

    This is such a great little gem of a site!

    You are constantly keeping me entertained. It’s a nice scramble of randomness and fashion and creative little hidden treasures like this. Keep up the good work!

  4. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    You’re welcome Naxxos – keep the great pics coming!

    Awww, thanks Candy!!! That’s a huge compliment because that is exactly what he had hoped to do!!!! Glad you enjoy the blog cuz we certainly are having fun writing it! :DDD

  5. Candy you made my face look like dis =OOOOOOOO

    Thank you sooo much for saying that! Made my day (and I has the stomach flu, yes feel sorry for me, lol)! Fi’s right, we just have fun and write about all the things we like, which is usually random goodness! HUGE compliment from you, for real. I love your blog and how you have a great eye for photography as well as fashion. Soooo much more interesting than photospheres every post! What I’m rambling on about is: thank you, you rock!

  6. Hai Bella – I’m in your tummeh, making you sheeeet! *dances around like a microbe*

    This website is teh cornicopia of hidden delights, of which this hirsute genius is definitely one – who needs opposable thumbs when you has teh artist skills! Keep up the lovely stuff dorketeers!!

  7. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Bella – want me to hold him while you fap him a bit????

    Thanks bunneh!! Glad you like it :DDDD

  8. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment, Candy, it made my dork-day! :DD

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