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Not your average toy!!! May 30, 2008

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Today I want to introduce you to my favorite pet, I call her Mojo and she’s the Mean Black Kitty pet from XD Fusion.

XD Fusion

Now if you know me in-world you have probably seen her riding with me as she is this girls favorite travelling companion!!

Mean Black Kitty
She is the most animated pet I have seen so far and she’s well worth her $500L price tag….she is part of a set and comes with a mean white kitty pet also…which is transfer, if you want to share your toys! Her animations include: playing with a ball of yarn, eating a fish, sleeping in a few different positions, cleaning herself, lots of dirty looks and my favorite the attack! When you click on the average pet you may be treated to a cute animation, sounds or even a message in global chat. When you pet this cat she jumps at the offensive clicker and attacks you, scratching furiously!! Now, she’s not a loyal kitty, she will also attack her owner, so consider yourself warned! I will also admit to using her to chase off more than one overly agressive SL man….nothing says “step off asshat!” like an attack cat!

Mean Black Kitty 2

Walk out the back door of XD Fusion and you will find a garden which has a freebie wall with some very good freebies waiting for you. A few of the things you will find are a skeleton hat w/hud controller, a baby tux penquin shoulder pet and a dancing frog.

Todd Borst is the designer behind XD Fusion and he has a small but detailed collection of pets, avatars and a prim animation kit. So if you are like me and can’t live without pets in your slife, then take the ride on down to XD Fusion and pick up some of the best!

XD Fusion Pets


6 Responses to “Not your average toy!!!”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Mojo rocks! I love her angry face on the pic. 😀 Great post!

  2. Awesome job my bloggie sistah! I ❤ Mojo in all her betchiness but I was not awares she came with a decietfully wholesome looking white kitteh pal!!!! =OOOO How much you want for said betchkat? hehehe. JK, I’ll spring for my own after tier is due. *sounders off with the fakest pout evah*

  3. oh ya, you want me post in iheartsl? actually i’ll just go ahead since i don’t see you as an author yet. PPL MUST KNOW ABOUT MOJO GOODNESS!!!

  4. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Thanks Pau…I knew I had to capture her evil glare! 😀

    Yes she comes with a more wholesome white version but I will never wear it, I like the black biatch!! I should offer her to mah better half first Bella, as he’s quite smitten with her….if he doesn’t want her, she’s all yours….she’s just sitting in mah inventory collecting dust. Not that she’s not fabulous, but she’s not Mojo! 😀

  5. […] For the rest of the story go to Who Let the Dorks Out? […]

  6. awww, stoopid bois! winnin teh hearts of lolgurls and stealinz teh kitteh! loool. jkjkjk, its coo. if my bettah half were in SL i’d geef him prezzies too. *crosses her fingers and hopes Dec hates white kittehs*

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