Who let the dorks out?

Dork of the Week: Winter Jefferson! June 2, 2008

It is Monday and therefore it is time again for the “Dork of the Week” award! As in the previous weeks, it was very very difficult for us to pick a winner from the photostream of dorky goodness that you keep delivering. This week, Winter “Dove-Bunneh” Jefferson convinced us by showing not only his dorky, but also his french-maiden side, combined with a pair of sharp fangs! Check out his awesome photostream!!

Winter, your reward is not only fame forever, but you have the honor to wear a special group tag in-world for a week. To claim your prize, join our group and contact one of us.


Speaking of the SL group: Fi sent out a truly wonderful group gift a few days ago and more gifts will follow soon – search for “Who let the dorks out” and join the dorkside (you know you want to)!!!


7 Responses to “Dork of the Week: Winter Jefferson!”

  1. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Congrats Winter – ROFL awesome pic man!!!

    Yes peeps – join us!! We have toys & cookies!!!! :DDD

  2. Dove Swanson Says:

    OMG you dork! ­čśÇ

  3. lol Dove! Congrats Winter….rrrrr…. at least I hope its an honor! hehehe. We all love your silly pics and sense of humor ­čÖé

  4. Oh, it’s totally an honour. At least – that’s what I’ve spent the last day explaining to people.

    Thank you, Dorkettes.

    I can has cookie nao?

  5. *hands Winter a chocolately chip filled cookie of nom nom nom-ness* ENJOY!

  6. Winter is one of those people who is a true dork, from the inside out…such a rare find *EG*

  7. Raul Crimson Says:

    Ha ha ha!! That’s just fun!

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