Who let the dorks out?

Ditched June 6, 2008

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The lovely lady waited for hours, but he did not turn up.

Crying eyes with two different teardrop versions, tissue and “cry” animation: Sushi Train (10 $L)

Instant Noodle Dress: Truth (265 $L, 50% store card sale until 07/06)


7 Responses to “Ditched”

  1. aaaahahahaha, i want those! too cute. nice quicky Pau 😀

  2. […] Find out where to get the crying eyes and the Instant Noodle dress at “Who let the dorks out“. […]

  3. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great job Pau! This photographed really well! 😀

  4. ooh y’all always find the coolest stuff… *skips off to buy herself some hankyage*

  5. Awww, thanks Elusyve; Paulina always suprises me with her fun finds. And omg I love your name btw, hehe. and your blog! ❤

  6. Hehe, thank you! Originally I was looking for a nice background to take a pic of the Instant Noodle dress. Unfortunately, my searches for big soup bowls were unsuccessful (but did you know that there is a Star Trek buffet museum?!). So I compromised on sushi bars (did you know that there is an Aqua Erotic Dining Sushi where you apparently can eat sushi from the bodies of beautiful people?!). I ended up in Sushi Train, where I found those beautiful eyes. If you get them, I wanna see your pics!! 😀

    Second Life® is full of wonders!

  7. Yuvi Says:

    * heads off to find this Aqua Erotic Dining Sushi*

    what? I’m hungry.

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