Who let the dorks out?

The Wacky World of Curio Obscura! June 10, 2008

Step right up ladies and gents to see the most stupendous, astonishing, extraordinary, wondrous phenomenon known only as *drum roll*… CURIO OBSCURA!!!! Ok, a little dramatic perhaps, but the tone of the place calls for a little dramz. This unusual store caters to the strange and quirky, but particularly those interested in the Steampunk subculture. What is this Steampunk you speak of crazy Bella, you ask? Well I’m not an expert but to sum it up, it’s a fantasy world in which steam power is used and set in a Victorian style era. Technology is filled with gadgets made of clockwork,copper and steam. But that’s not all together the point here; the point is that Pandora Wrigglesworth has made the coolest, most original gadgets and weirdness I have ever witnessed in Second Life®. We are talking Top hats containing a tiny old-fashion camera that follows your ACTUAL cam view that you are using, so others can see where you’re looking (WARNING: no up-skirting, you’ll be caught! PERVS, hehe). Then there is the Horseless Gown that looks like a Victorian-style skirt but is actually a vehicle! You have to go see for yourself to believe me, but this place is well worth a visit just to gawk in awe. As an extra special bonus (since I know you are all cheap-arses like your’s truly) There is an AWESOME freebie table! So what are you waiting for? Hop on your steam-powered broomstick or jump on your giant stilts and get over there! Wait, you don’t have any of those things? Well then you REALLY need to visit and get some for your own! And if you want to learn more before your visit, travel over to the Curio Obscura website and stare in amazement. Have fun!

Tiny Hat with Bows, Sausage Curls Galore, free Copper Tights and Free Clockwork Mustache all by Curio Obscura

Free Top Hat, Sausage Curls Galore(scripted to change color), and free Copper Tights from Curio Obscura

FREEBIES!!! Top Hats in multiple colors, Clockwork Mustaches in multiple colors, Copper Stockings Franimation Overide Script and Zoetrope (wheel with slots that you spin to make the pictures move)


8 Responses to “The Wacky World of Curio Obscura!”

  1. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great photos Bella! A must see for people who love unique objects. ❤

  2. Thankies Fifo! This is a fun place for all who like the slightly unusual out there in SL. Pandora has created some BRILLIANT toys!

  3. QueenKellee Kuu Says:

    /me does jazz hands + fan girl squee
    Yay for Curio Obscura!!!!

  4. Amisha March Says:

    *runs straight over* Thanks

  5. *fluffs her sausage curls, rubs her stache and squees along with QueenKellee* WOOT!!!!

    You’re very welcome Amisha, have fun over there!!!! Thanks for the comment 😀

  6. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Great post, Bella! I shall head there and leave some of my lindens. 😀

  7. Candy Lemmon Says:

    You know I never I thought I needed a pair of copper stockings, but CLEARLY I do. 😀

    Great snaps.

  8. for some reason i can’t see the pics anymore :(. if anyone is having issues, let me know! they are still showing up in edit, which is weird. sorry folks if wordpress is wonky!

    and clearly candy, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! hehehe. i had the revelation about the copper mustache myself 🙂

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