Who let the dorks out?

Dork of the Week: SpaceCase Munster!!! June 16, 2008

HOLY COW….rrrrr giraffe as it were! This weeks entries were HILARIOUS! You guys keep making it harder and harder for sure, but we had some serious giggles this time. However, someone has to win the all hailed crown of the dorkiest in the land, and this week that dork royalty is SpaceCase Munster. She has TONS of funny pics, but this one was unique, crazy, funny and still classy and artistic. How you get that combo, I don’t know ask her. Or, better yet, visit her Flickr stream! Keep those dorky photos coming because we luff to see you get your silly on. I almost forgot to mention that SpaceCase gets a special week-long title as reigning dork of the week in-world at our group “Who Let the Dorks Out?”. So SpaceCase, look for your invite next time you’re on :). And if you like free random gestures and toys (and want to come to an upcoming dork party in the works *shhhhh* no tells) feel free to search and join us! Heart you all and looking forward to another fun week of pics at our Flickr group!

Singing at the nightclub


3 Responses to “Dork of the Week: SpaceCase Munster!!!”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Congratulations! I do love that shot! ­čśÇ

  2. SpaceCase Munster Says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely crown and compliments! I am so honored to be the dork of the week. Yay!

  3. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    This is such an awesome pic SpaceCase! Congratulations!!! ­čśÇ

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