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Imagination runs wild! June 22, 2008

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Today on the unique avatar trail we will be stopping at one of the most creative shops Yeti Bing & Yoa Ogee Shop, Playground and more. Once you land here it will be very obvious that the two people behind this shop, Yeti Bing and Yoa Ogee, have impressive imaginations….But they also have big hearts because the proceeds from this shop are given to the international project for peaceful communication The World’s Greatest Smile. If you wander around you will find avatars from the very tiny to the very large and everything in between. They also sell furniture, shoulder creatures, sculptures, shoes, hats & trees. On the ground level is a unique garden & playground for you to explore, or do like we did and take photos of yourselves modeling your groovy new avatars!

This shop has a large inventory so there should be something for everyone, including those of you on a budget. There are also some freebies here to be found. Here’s what Pau & I picked up on our trip….

Yoa Ogee Cuddly

Yoa Ogee’s Cuddly in colors and agile green…only $20 lalas!!

Yeti Bing "Congratulations"

Oh hai…what are you little fella?
I am one of Yeti Bing’s “Congratulations” avs…I’m only 11 cm tall and I’m worth every penny of my $290L!
Alright, all together now “Awwwwwwwww!!”

Yoa Ogee Visibly
Come on…you know you want one of these! Only $20L will buy you one of Yoa Ogee’s “Visibly” avatars. What a bargain! Many patterns available to choose from.

Yoa Ogee Fine Plush (watermelon & pink and orange)

These little creatures of glowy goodness are by Yoa Ogee. The “fine plush” avatars are $100L, with many color choices available. We were hovering for the photo because this avatar sits when you aren’t walking or flying.

Yoa Ogee The 3 Graces and Be Part of the Nature
Now this one takes some explaining. The mushroom is a freebie called “Be Part of the Nature” by Yoa Ogee. Little legs come out at the bottom to help you walk. “The Three Graces” is the little robots on the pogos, surrounding the mushroom. All three make up one unique avatar. I have to apologize for photographing the backside of them, didn’t realize that at the time. $190L

Yoa Ogee's 0.0001 Seconds Before the Big Bang avartar, $190L and yes, you get ALL of those blobs to ooze around in!!

Pau modeling the lovely “0.0001 Seconds Before the Big Bang” avatar by Yoa Ogee. $190L buys you all of these blobs to ooze around the grid in!!


WTF is that thing and why is it chasing me?!?!?!?! Well that’s the “Sprightly” av from Yoa Ogee ($90L) and I’m running from it because….ummm (makes cute “I’m thinking face”)…..because I’m a dork and I thought it would make a funny picture!!

So there you have it…..imaginative avatar creators with big <3’s. What other reason do you need to visit Yeti Bing & Yoa Ogee’s Shop, Playground and More ????

*Thanks for posing wif me Pau <3*


2 Responses to “Imagination runs wild!”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Hahaha, these pics came out awesome! I love the avatars from there and the Big Bang one is one of my absolute favourites! *sings “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state…*

  2. great post Fifo! these are such interesting avis, my goodness! that leetle tiny dino is my fav by far ­čśÇ

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