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Dork of the Week: VaNITY!!! June 23, 2008

Filed under: Dork of the Week,Dorkiness,Photography — Fionna Whiteberry @ 6:50 pm

Hello again mah fellow dorks. I see you’ve stopped by to find out who snagged the coveted “dork of the week” title. Another seven days of great submissions and you’re creativity never ceases to impress us! This weeks top honor goes to VaNITY for the great shot of her and Steve dorking around like a couple of high school kids! As if the fab pic weren’t enough, she’s given us a long list of minor to serious offenses one can commit when bored in school! I fully admit to having done at least one of those things on that list but if I told you what, I’d have to kill you…and I don’t wanna have to do that, I like you! 😀 Check out the rest of the pics in VaNITY’s stream, this chick has serious talent and a dorky side that just leaps out, guns a blazin’!! Please keep your great submissions coming everyone – can’t wait to see how you will wow us next week!!!

highschool fun


5 Responses to “Dork of the Week: VaNITY!!!”

  1. Hehe, congratulations! 🙂

  2. Steve Says:

    YaY! Woot woot congrats baby, hehe 😀

  3. YAAAAY!!!! you guys are too cute 😀

  4. vanity esparza Says:

    omg u know what this made my day week hahaha

    thank you so much lol

    love u isa <333
    steve haha u beat me to it

  5. love u tooooz prettiful! keep that one around! he brings out some goofy goodness in ya <333

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