Who let the dorks out?

Oh Where, Oh Where did Little Bella Go? June 30, 2008

So, I’m fully aware that it is fairly narcissistic of me to assume you guys are wondering where I am, but I’d like to think I’m missed in the tiniest dorky corner or your pixelated hearts. Basically, I didn’t want anyone to thing I abandoned blogship or am ignoring you in-world. My iMac took a giant poo a week from last Saturday and it apparently was a building problem that even the mac geniuses haven’t figured out. So…. here I sit on my crap-top from like 6 years ago missing you guys and trying to view your flickr group pics and a spotty and damaged screen. *cue the violins* Okay, I’ll stop whining, but as far as I know they are waiting on yet another part and the earliest I’ll get my bebe back is mid-week. Sooo…. send your ‘puter love and I hope to see you guys soon! MUAAAAAHHHHSSSS!!!!! <333333333333333


8 Responses to “Oh Where, Oh Where did Little Bella Go?”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Your tags made me ROFL! We miss you too, Bella!! Hope they will fix your lil mac soon.

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    I too love the blog tags ya big dork! Missing you tons – the grids lonely without you.

    /me kicks the mac geniuses in the brain….might help 😀

  3. Thema Felix Says:

    Awww…computer bummage, girl. sorry to hear about it!

    Now I’m scared my iMac is going to be a sheep and punk out too! *starts cooing sweet nothing into its speakers* “s’ok baby… you can do it!”

  4. awww, thanks girls. i secretly hoped my dorkettes would notice my silly tags and LOL because i think i’m cooler than i really am. alright, no i don’t, but still good times. themmmaaaaaa beware of the mac “geniuses” if you have issues. smart, sure, but genius? not so sure since my little guy has been snoozin with them for over a week. le sigh. why didn’t i try a pep-talk sooner? well played woman, well played 🙂

  5. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    LMAO – I just checked the stats and somebody came to our site with the search words “mac employees are dorks”. Was that you Bella, knowing us stats whoars?!

  6. OH! Bella!
    I feel your pain…been there done that!
    I hope they’ll fix it soon!
    Take care and see you soon in our dorky world!!

    <333 The Shelbs!

  7. HAHAHAHA! noooo Pau that wasn’t me but it totes made my day 😉

    Teh Shelbz…. <HEART3! thanks hon and i hope to be back soon too!

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