Who let the dorks out?

Dork of the Week: Olivia Connaught! July 7, 2008

This week’s dork holds a special place in my heart… the dark black corner that smells like cheese an has no soul. Yes ladies and gentleman, I give you Olivia Connaught from the SL*FreeStyle ladies! (She’s not really and evil betch, just plays one on TV) We had quite a few festive 4th of July entries but HOORAY AMERICA WOO totes jumped out at us and made us lolomglmfaoroflcopterlandinghahaha for like 3 mins straight. Not only does the pic represent all things wrong with our red, white and blue hearts in America, but also comes with a colorful song from the movie Team America: World Police. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your Netflix, it’s worth it. It’s the sick brainchild of the Southpark creators and the best use of Claymation I’ve ever witnessed. Olivia even made the poster herself complete with a proud gun-totin’ patriot pin-up that scarily reminds me of my crazy grandmother. Oh and one can’t forget the Pabst Blue Ribbon…. the piss water mascot of all red neck parties nationwide. My husband swears if you add a jumbo martini olive, it immediately classes up the often dollar special beer when at a bar. Claaaaaaaaaass all the way Olivia, awesome pic! Oh, and you will also receive the coveted “Dorkier than YOU!” title in our in-world group. CONGRATS LOLIVIA!

Keep them coming Dorks, remember you can submit as many pics each week as you want to the SL®: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr Group.



4 Responses to “Dork of the Week: Olivia Connaught!”

  1. Candy Lemmon Says:

    Wooo yay Olivia, you fox!!!! *wears her Free*Style super-fan badge*

  2. late on this but am super honored, my darling clementine, and aaaggh holy as’oehtosehtpaioe i need a computer that doesn’t make my slpics all crunchy.

    candy! ❤

  3. Hahaha, I was going to just use the medium size but I wanted to show off the details of your brilliant artwork ;-). And I have a fancy new ‘spensive iMac with alleged superior graphics card and I’m still all crunchy in mah pics. I geef up!

  4. and i don’t want to not get another mac… meh!

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