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Your Lolcat… Plz Show Us It July 8, 2008

One thing that I’ve found quite a few SLers have in common is the almighty Lolcat. Lolspeak has overthrown our grammar and icanhascheezburger.com has been banned from our workplaces because of…. well, us… checking every 15 mins for the best LOL of the day. SO, I got to thinking that we need a LOLtest! That was a horrid attempt at saying we need a contest where you make your own Lolcat picture out of an SL snap, enter it in the Second Life@: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr group pool and the winner takes 500L! It’s really easy with the help of fd’s Flickr Toys; you just upload a photo, write a caption and link it to your Flickr page. You have TWO weeks to get your LOL on and instead of Dork Of The Week on July 21st, we will have a Loldork Of Teh Week! You don’t have to BE a cat, just take any funny snap that you can match a witty caption (or capshun if we are being authentic here) with and run it through fd’s Flickr Toys. If you are new to the whole Lolcat phenomenon, you are NOT shunned from this contest. Just brush up on your icanhascheezburger.com and you will get the idea of typical captions (I.E. Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat, broken english, flavor, etc). Thats it! So we look forward to your entries, and remember the winner gets 500 lalas.

P.S. Next week we will still have a regular Dork Of The Week so keep sending us your silly and fun pics as well 🙂

mah lolcat… let me show you it


5 Responses to “Your Lolcat… Plz Show Us It”

  1. hmmmm….. starting to think this is not such a popular idea. if you guys think this is lame, plz let me know and we can do a different contest, kthx ❤

  2. SpaceCase Munster Says:

    I think it’s a GREAT idea, I just haven’t thought of anything clever yet. 🙂

  3. Candy Lemmon Says:

    I even have a photo, but I’m not fluent enough in lolspeak to compose a caption yet…

  4. Thanks Space, phew! At least I know you guys are interested, I appreciate the feedback 😀

    Oh Candy, you can do it! It’s pretty easy to latch onto but I warn you, its addictive and everyone will think you are a horrible speller. I already was, so really this just is an excuse to mask that 😉

    What do you guys think about pushing it back a week? Since it’s harder than just snapping a pic, would 2 weeks be enough time? I know people get annoyed at contests that change the date though, anyone have any ideas?

  5. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Great idea ,Bella! Come on people, embrace your inner lolcat, you can do it! 😀 Once you get started, it is very addictive. Believe me. LOL.

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