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Don’t Go to REC Alone! July 15, 2008

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No, I mean it, DO NOT go alone!! It’s so much more fun when you bring a friend! REC, based on the Spanish horror movie of the same name, is an immersive sim that is not for the faint of heart. When you land here you will be asked to wear a camera, that gives you the appearance of being within the movie. Consider this your warning…walking can be a bit of a challenge, but the time it takes to get used to it is short & more than worth it for this brilliant sim! There is immense amounts of blood around & plenty of ways to torture your av. What?!? You don’t enjoy killing off your av in a variety of different ways?? Ahhh, you don’t know what you’re missing….it’s FUN! Step into the halls of REC and you may find yourself with a new av murdering obsession 😀 Beware of zombies you may encounter on this journey. They do attack & some are more annoying about it than others (nods at Bella). ***Don’t miss the important note about the fight hud, at the bottom*

Do you dare explore REC’s darkest corners and uncover the clues for yourself?

While you’re here, be sure to click on any twinkling lights you see. Some of the animations are quite surprising & sure to deliver a fright.

I successfully held off the creatures that were trying to break down this door…but that’s because my av is a bit badass 😛 Think you got what it takes?


It will take some time, and brain power, to uncover all of REC’s secrets. I consider this a playground for any fan of the macabre. The effort is a no brainer once you realize how much fun this place is!


Whether you choose to kill your own av or find yourself defenseless to the zombie attacks…one thing is for sure, you will die here! Just embrace it & come have a bloody good time!!!

***At the end of the hall, on the top floor, you will click another camera. This takes you to the end point, but don’t worry, your fun is not over. Against the wall you will find a box containing the fight hud. This turns your av into a zombie & gives you all the brain-munching power we’ve come to expect from a zombie. Wear the fight hud & get back in there!! TP back to the start & this time, experience it as a zombie. Attack your friends, attack some strangers, better yet…..come up with devious plans to scare friends of friends who don’t know you! I’m evil, I admit it, but damn it’s fun!! There are no instructions for you so I will tell you how to operate it. Wear your fight hud and then click your left mouse button (figure it out mac users) and the arrow keys to attack whomever you are facing. Your aim has to be spot on for this to actually take down your opponent. Just have fun with it & if you get some good pics, be sure to submit them to our flickr group…we’d love to see them!!!


2 Responses to “Don’t Go to REC Alone!”

  1. Great pics Fifo!!!!! You did a great job at highlighting the awesomeness of this sim with it still looking dark and gloomy. AND OMG beware of annoying mute zombies who just beat the hell outta you no matter how much you scream “Stoopid betch, this is my first time here! I keels you if you hit meh again!”, some don’t listen. So please have some curtesy for your fellow REC-noobs, we all are learning. Thanks for the extra instructions Fi, I just left before I got the chance to play zombie, due to said annoying betch. <333

  2. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    It sounds really creepy! I can’t wait to go there. Great post!!

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