Who let the dorks out?

An Extension… I geef u one July 20, 2008

Hey gang! So due to the fact that I am a flake and also forgot I would be out of town for 4 days, I’m making the executive decision to extend the Lolcat Contest until Wednesday. We have had some AMAZING entries, and you all rooooock so fiercely! I’ve just had quite a few say it’s difficult to come up with something, and also this way maybe it will give those who didn’t read about it yet a few more days to get your Lol on :). I apologize to those who hate when people change the date on things but I think this will be the most fair thing to everyone. I’m out of town and won’t have an opportunity to get together with my fellow dorks and discuss a winner yet. So since this adds some time, I will add 250L to the prize. So Wednesday, the winner will get 750L and a big huggle from the Dork gals! You guys are awesome and keep the greatness coming :).

Take a look at the entries we have so far! You guys are effin brilliant!


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