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Swim for your SLife July 30, 2008

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When I first discovered water slides in-world, I got very, very excited (yes, I am easy to please). It was so much fun to slide down either sitting or on the belly and splash into the cool water!

Water slide

And there was the problem. After splashing into the water, I sank down like a stone to the ground and stayed there. “But how do I swim?” I asked myself. I tried the arrow keys, I tried flying under water, but the fun was spoiled.

However, I did not give up and searched and finally found the sLwim HUD.

This was one of the first things I bought after I decided to get Linden dollars and the $L200 were a lot of money for me at that time. But it was one of the best purchases I ever made during my time in SL®!!


For 200 $L you get a swim attachment and a HUD at Malinconia. Just wear the attachment and you will start to swim as soon as you are in water. With the HUD you can choose between four different swim styles and as far as I understood from the instructions, you can modify it and add plugins. “Dead man floating” is already installed and I love it! Also, you automatically receive free updates. Go and get it, you will not regret it (bwahaha).

Dead Man Floating

And if you are looking for water slides, pools and huge waves, check out Siggy’s WaterWorks Island.

Siggy's WaterWorks Island


8 Responses to “Swim for your SLife”

  1. OOooooo, I had no idea this existed! You never cease to amaze me Pauface, lets go have some watery fun!

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    I love the shot of you launching off the end of the waterslide! Great post Pau!!

  3. QueenKellee Kuu Says:

    Yay for SLWim!!! I’ve had mine for more than a year and Luuurrve it. I also have the sLwim hub that you can rez on your land and ppl can swim on the floaties, but I dont have water land anymore so it’s dry docked in my inventory. but the individual sLwim hud is better anyhow.

    Which reminds me of something I used to do all the time and haven’t: find a nice big stretch of mainland waterway and go for a reeeeeeallllly long swim. it’s amazingly calming 😀

  4. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    @Bella: Yes, we have to do some watersliding together!

    @Fi: Thanks, you can imagine how many pics of me on waterslide I have now. LOL.

    @QueenKellee: Haha I remember now, after I bought this HUD, I loved swimming in different places like Akropolis Sea, because I found it so calming.

  5. […] Read the rest of the article at “Who let the dorks out“. […]

  6. Dot Lane Says:

    There is also an incredibly useful life vest made for skydivers that inflates when you hit SL water so you bob instead of sink.

  7. sweet site, I hadn’t noticed dorks.wordpress.com before in my searches

  8. Plavuse Says:

    Ues, but not everthing black and white, something is gray 🙂


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