Who let the dorks out?

Lucky Lucky YOU! August 1, 2008

Just a quick but essential post today kids. MiaSofia, as you must have caught on to by now, is this little Avi’s fav place to shop. So imagine my excitement when the group announced today that there is a special new item ONLY available in the new Lucky Chair!!!! The Midnight Garden Modern Romance Room (long name, but perfect description) will make you Oooo and Aaaah and best of all faint because it’s FREE! There is a rezzed room on the grounds by the moon to explore and see if it’s worth the wait for you. Believe me…. it is! All the flowery glowy goodness makes me want to hang flowers on my own bedroom ceiling and have the sweet scent lull me to sleep. It’s a beautifully crafted skybox/room/whatever you wanna do with it so go see for yourself!

MiaSofia Midnight Garden Modern Romance Room
*mia* Pink Star Shirt: MiaSnow @ MiaSofia
*mia* GoGo 88 Jeans
*mia* STAR DESIGN tattoo in Multi
*mia* Mia Skin #2
[LurveBite] Bangles in Silver Star
Hair: Sammy in Blonde: Deviant Kitty
Jacket: Black Leather: Cubic Effect
Pose- Look Ma! I’m an AIREPLANE: Pudge

There are also some new goodies for decor around the sim, so go exploring while you are there. I found this cute apple tree that gives you an apple and sack to do some pickin’ of your own!

Picking Apples

Here’s the Room’s Lucky Chair in the main building where MiaSnow has all her skins.

Midnight Garden Lucky Chair
Skin- *mia* Gorgeous Grape 3: MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Dress- Requiem for a Raven: Cole Couture
Hair- Edie in Black: [Aden]
Ears- Illusions Pixie Ears (color modded)
Wings- Free Butterfly wings: Rebel Hope
Pose- Guck Ma! : Twosome

In case you haven’t been here in a while, it’s worth noting the newness at LurveBite. Sofia has filled her front room with the SL cult craze…. TOAST! All kinds of it, and also little bears to sit on your shoulder or cuddle with that are the KYOOOOTest! There is also a Lucky Chair in LurveBite to nab yourself a free teddy made of, what else, toast.

LurveBite Toastz

EDIT: there has been moar awesome loverliness made by Mia in addition to this Romance Room. Check out the MiaSofia blog for details!


3 Responses to “Lucky Lucky YOU!”

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  2. Thema Felix Says:

    yay! MiaSnow wins at giving!

  3. I knoooooow! Amazing generosity there, and this skybox is beyond beautiful. All glowy and tranquil and awesomness times eleventybillion!

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