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Salina Beach Party! August 2, 2008

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I read on Thema’s blog the advert for the Salina Beach Party, which is today at 12-2 pm SL time. According to the teaser it includes 60s music, random goofy poses, a Flickr photo contest with great prices and many of my favourite designers. This sounds like great fun and I hope I will be able to make it later. Get more information here or teleport directly to Salina Beach.

Salina Beach Party


4 Responses to “Salina Beach Party!”

  1. Thema Felix Says:

    woot! thanks babycakes! We’re having a live concert tomorrow too, and the contest goes thru Wednesday. Hope you dorks and I can take some pics!

  2. OOOoooo, I missed it today but yay for concert tomorrow!!! I hope I can go, what time is it Thema? I’d love to meet ya inworld purty lady ❤

  3. Thema Felix Says:

    it should be 10AM SLT 🙂 come on by! you’re the one who gave me the idea for the photo event in the first place 😉

  4. aw crap, i was at church at 10 :(. I SUUUUCK!!!! WAAAAAAH :***(

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