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Dork of the Week: Alabama Smalls! August 11, 2008

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I apologize for a dorkless week but guess what, the trio is reunited and is planning some fun to be had soon! It just so happens that all 3 of us have rezdays within a month of one another and will be celebrating with a Dorkbash soon! So stay tuned.

Okay, now on to what is really important; Dork of the Week! I’m so pleased to announce that our winner this week is also my BFF Jill, BAMA!!!! This may seem bias of me, but I swearz the others picked her photo before I was back in the game. And really, who can argue with the funny in A) the funniest, fappiest gesture in all of SL, and B) some extra cushion for the pushin with a few more cushions strapped on. No one, thats who! So congrats Bama, we could hear the faptasticness from here :). Check out the rest of Alabama’s stream here, as the girl is crazy talented and very unique in how she views our virtual world. You’re title as the dorkiest in all the land is awaiting mah lady in the Who Let the Dorks Out group in-world. I can’t wait for another week of you guys making me laugh ’til I cry!

blub blub


One Response to “Dork of the Week: Alabama Smalls!”

  1. Alabama Says:

    YAY! YAY! This is wonderful welcome back from my vacation from the interwebz!

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