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Dork of the week: Yuvi Robbiani! August 18, 2008

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Dear dorkettes and dorks, it is time for Dork of the Week again! It wasn’t easy (it never is!), but finally we picked somebody who managed to combine creativity, art and sillyness all in one image: Yuvi Robbiani! Not only did we love the eggs by themselves, but also her pose imitating the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in the background. “Elegant in Eggs” it could be called, or simply “Girl with her Dorky Side up”. Awesome work, Yuvi! 🙂

Yuvi Robbiani

Check out Yuvi’s photostream for more dorky pictures.


4 Responses to “Dork of the week: Yuvi Robbiani!”

  1. CeNedra Says:

    This is priceless, I love it!.

    I soooo want to enter this contest.

  2. all ya have to do to enter is post a silly pic in our Who Let The Dorks Out? Flickr Group CeNedra… that’s it! easy peasy :D. you can click a link to the group on the side bar under Flickr photos. can’t wait to see what ya got!

  3. yuvi Says:

    yay! (yay)

  4. Alabama Says:

    leave it to yuvi to make wearing eggs look sexy.

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