Who let the dorks out?

Templum ex Obscurum August 22, 2008

Is Second Life® the greatest, derivative art form? Bettina Tizzy asks this question in her NPIRL blog. At the same time she poses a challenge to SL photographers and Machinimators to show us how they see Templum ex Obscurum by Baron Grayson.

Personally, I never would have imagined what SL would hold, other than opportunities to meet people from all over the world and hanging out with them. Somehow I stumbled across “Burning Life” last year shortly after my rezday and although I did not manage to see everything, I was amazed by the builds and exhibitions I found there. My only pain was then, that I did not know anyone at that time to share my thoughts and joy with. Luckily this changed soon and when the “Gardens of NPIRL” opened, it was pure joy to explore the exhibits together with friends and to share impressions and discover new places in Flickr. I hardly watch TV anymore, because what the artists, builders and creators of SL offer, is much more immersive, exciting and imaginative than what most TV shows could offer. And Templum ex Obscurum is only one of the many places in SL where you can forget absolutely everything for an hour or two and reemerge back into reality – rubbing your eyes and feeling calm and relaxed.

Templum exObscurum

Enough talking, these images show how I saw the Templum ex Obscurum. And what better dress to wear to such a magical place than the new fire fly dress from lurvebite.

fire fly dress

The lighting in the Templum is extraordinary and it keeps on changing, so I stood in some places forever and watched the atmosphere change.

Templum ex Obscurum

Fire fly dress

Go and visit now and share your impressions on Flickr!

Templum exObscurum


4 Responses to “Templum ex Obscurum”

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  2. awww, that mia skin and lurvebite dress are adorable on you!!!! cute lil firefly shape too. we should go fly together sometime, hehe. great shots and post Pau ❤

  3. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Awesome post! You really got some great shots here. Now I have to visit soon too! 😀

  4. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Aww thank you both. <333 I made the shape, Bella. LOL. What can’t be seen on the pic is that it really is tiny and my feet stuck out of the glowy part.

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