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Hair Fair Challenge August 23, 2008

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Achariya Rezak had a great idea for a blog challenge, which was to try and put together a look that was prim-free but still cool. Why you ask? Well, as you know, Hair Fair is in full swing and from what I hear the lag surpasses any event to date! Yes, I said I “hear” because I’m too chicken to brave the pea-soup of fluffy clouds and gray blobs. But I did take that time to try my hand at putting together an all system outfit, and of course…. took it as a shopping opportunity. I must have folders and folders full of cute hand drawn clothes from creators like Twosome, Fashionably Dead, Tres Blah, Nylon Outfitters and on and on. But being the shopping-addict that I am I thought to myself “hmmm, haven’t been to Nylon’s in a while… SHOPPING!”. Ugh, halp! So here are two looks I came up with and left the creativity up to Nylon. I have seen some very well put together looks, like the adorably chic Candy Lemmon over on Red-Headed Step-Child…. but it was late and my preggers bum is brain-dead most of the time. Since I’m a prim lash addict, I had to make sure and throw on my Mia skins, always a fav, because with eyeshadow and details like that… giiiirl you don’t even need lashes! OKAY, enough excuses, here ya go. I hope to see some looks from my other sisters in dorkiness *wink wink nudge nudge*.

Hair Fair Challenge

(NO) Bananna Smoothie Jacket Set
Mia #6 skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki mani

Hair Fair Challenge 2

(NO) Country Vacation top and necklace
Tres Blah Jeans in Sunny
Mia #4 Skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki Pedi

Challenge yourself to lag-free fashion so we can all grab our freebies and new hurrdos in peace ladies! OH, and check your fav creators blogs and stores, many have demos available at store locations and On Rez to save you the hassle. Have fun!


9 Responses to “Hair Fair Challenge”

  1. Candy Lemmon Says:

    Okay, not only is your eye makeup flawless, but the mis-matched mani-pedi? That is some cherry on top goodness!

    You know, I always read every word of the posts you ladies write here, you really bring some sunshine and lollipops to the fashion feed. As for you, Bellissima, you’re making cueball couture and I never knew such a sweetheart or such a pretty girl! ­čśÇ

  2. BIG AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Candy, you made my day. We really love what we do here and its fun. We could have zero readers and it would still be a blast, but its special readers like you that make it soooo worth the effort. *feels pixelated heart start to melt* HUUUUGS and KEESES from meh! <<<<3333

  3. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    You look so cute, Bella, and I love the toe nails! I’ll put together a look later. Just one question though, is system hair not allowed or are people just not wearing it out of principle?

    Awww thank you Candy. :))

  4. oh its allowed… but really why would YOU allow it? hehehe. I’ve seen these cute buzzcut bald caps on some people that is a good alternative if your melon gets chilly ;). Can’t wait!

  5. Ann Otoole Says:

    i made a skin and eyes from a 8 pixel by 8 pixel black texture. There is no way to be less lag free than that except by not being there at all.

    Could make it in any color for political correctness if you don’t like the void look. However the black is great camouflage when standing next to a black wall. (Except for the name tag darn it)

    Sadly the lag is caused by the number of avatars in the sim and the adjacent sims so the void skin/eyes did not result in a experience worth having long enough to see a single hair ad rez so I left.These expos need to move to permanent 2D websites where high resolution picture are possible, can handle millions of concurrent viewers, and allows slurl/gvurl jumps directly to the in world stores.

  6. Thanks for your comment Ann and that’s cool you were able to make a skin that was efficient as possible. I STILL haven’t tried to go, since I have two weeks and I know this weekend was just crazy. There are quite a few expo hair demos available On Rez though if you want to get an idea of what you want before you go. So hopefully in a few days or a week those ads will rez for you :). Thanks again! ­čśÇ

  7. I’m excited that Vint Falken thought my look was stunning on the Rezzable blog, but thinks it’s funny that somehow my name turned to Laqroki Pedi…. I sound like a chester molester, LAWL


  8. […] no lag at all. So the prim-free outfit I had designed for the Hair Fair Challenge in response to Bella’s post would not really have been necessary. I’ll share it anyway, because the next lag will […]

  9. […] no lag at all. So the prim-free outfit I had designed for the Hair Fair Challenge in response to Bella’s post would not really have been necessary. I’ll share it anyway, because the next lag will […]

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