Who let the dorks out?

Dork of the Week: Creamy Cooljoke! August 26, 2008

Hola dorks, Flickrites and hopefully recently converted or long-time Plurkies 🙂 (We 3 have recently become addicts). Sorry for the delay in announcing, RL is a bit busy at the moment, but we are here to announce the dorkiest in all the land….drumroll please….. CREAMY COOLJOKE! Most of you know our leetle Creamzilla from the Free*Style website/group/store. We’ve loved all the witty and humorous shots that have made their way into our pool, but she really out-did herself this week with PandasRus. SRSLY! Not only did she make these craptacular panda skins (hey I actually think they are adorable, she called them crap!) but she’s doing her civil service on the grid to keep the lag down with the Free*Style hunt going on until the end of the week. These shots excluded, lol, I mean the skin in all its nekkid glory. You also could sport this avi at Hair Fair with pride! Pick it up at the hunt for FREE. Creamz is hilarious and a sweetheart to boot, but we know you all already lover her. How could you not? So go check out her stream and keep reading what Creamy and all of the other loverly Freestylers bring us in the future. Thank you all again for your awesome entries, and keep them coming for next week! Remember, its the Second Life: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr Group, so if you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for? GO NAO! ❤



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