Who let the dorks out?

Oops (yay!) they did it again! August 26, 2008

So, I’m sure most of you have caught on by now that I’m a huge fan of Twosome. Shelby Wrangler and Visa Volare are the creative minds behind one of my fav stores and they never fail to bring unique and fashionable hand-drawn goodness. So today, I thought I’d revisit a fav and share some of their new goods… so follow me!

First up is a great back to school look, even for us oldy moldies that are waaaay outta college. The Almost Nerdy Pullover comes in Red, Green and Blue as modeled here by yours truly along side my dorky friends, Alabama Smalls of Paradise Pier and Graham Burger (Yes she has a version for your BOIS!). Thanks guys for goofin off with me! The best part about these pullovers is they come in EVERY layer imaginable, even the sweater alone without the undershirt, so you can use them in so many ways, under jackets, over other shirts, etc. Love the versatility and the amazing detail. Visa really outdid herself on these you guys, and if you missed them as a group freebie a while back, I suggest you go take a look at them in the store.

Almost Nerdy Slipovers by Twosome
(My outfit… sorry I forgot to ask Graham and Bama what they were wearing besides the Pullover… FAIL)
Vest- Twosome Almost Nerdy Slipover
Undershirt and Shorts- Armidi– Cambridge: Aufren White wSafari
Glasses- Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses in Black
Socks- Maitreya Toeless Socks
Shoes- UBU Pornstars
Hair- Hiccup Slow Jamz in Light Blonde
Skin- Gala Classic in Leaf
Btw, this pose is also from Twosome called Haha! Visa has TONS of cute and silly poses.

My next wardrobe staple is this Safu Cardigan staring in a little look I like to call “Anna Wintour on Prozac….FINALLY”. Its a perfect color to go with virtually anything and, as all Twosome schtuffs, comes in every layer. I paired it with a yellow scarf from one of my new favorite shop stops, Decoy. Also, I’m sporting my teal Belles pumps from the Shoes Expo by Shiny Things.

Safu Cardigan by Twosome
Sweater- Twosome Safu Cardigan
Tights- **DP** yumyum Sweater&Socks set
Shoes- (Shiny Things) Belles in Teal
Necktie- [Decoy] Mraz Scarf in Sunburst
Sunglasses- Fashionably Dead Ultimate Bugeye Glasses
Gloves- Digit Darkes Driving Gloves
Hair- BP* Girly Bob in Milk Tea
Skin- Gala Classic in Leaf

And lastly, you may remember my t-shirt obsession, and thank you Shelby Wrangler for feeding my addiction! This cute purple Twiggy Tee is another example of the high quality hand drawn work from Twosome as the details are amazing. I love how she draws the wrinkles that would lie in a tee if you were really wearing it. Plus Twiggy is THE fashion icon, so thats always a plus to slap her on your bewbs :P. The overalls are also a new purchase from Decoy which I’m quickly giving all my lindens to… le sigh.

Twiggy Tee by Twosome
Shirt- Twosome Twiggy Tee
Overalls- [Decoy] Dark Flava Pop in Pink Lemonade
Bracelet- Creamshop Lily Bangle in White
Hair- Tousled Sloane in Wheat
Piercings- Puncture Minx Facial Piercings
Skin- Gala Classic in Leaf

And FYI, since I have been looking into a new project at Hotel Dare to blog, I’ll let you all in on a secret. Okay, not really a secret but that makes me feel all special and super-spy-ee. Twosome is opening a new location there soon alongside some other great creators like Diamonde, Kurotsubaki and Art featured by Four Yip and Mijn Boa. Those are just some examples but read about Hotel Dare here and stay tuned for a future blog post with more info! Now go spend some monies. You won’t go broke this time because Twosome has crazy reasonable prices. It’s a win win!

**EDIT** I’m a leetle slow and just realized that Twosome also has a website. So there ya go, you can stay in the know, yay!


6 Responses to “Oops (yay!) they did it again!”

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  2. Love this!!!!

  3. OH….
    PS: The Hotel Dare will be opening VERY soon!!!!

  4. philosopherintheory Says:

    Argh..these are some of the cutest outfits ever! Time to go shopping 😀

  5. YAY! Glad you liked it Shelby and can’t wait for the new Hotel Dare store! I will be stalking you before you know it. I KEED! lol ❤

    Srsly, philosopherintheory (woah thats a mouthful, lol) you MUST! I love Twosome and everything is so cute and affordable. Pick up some socks for me, I need some more. hehehe. Thank you so much for the comment!

  6. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    I love your images, they are wild and hilarious!! 😀

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