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Budgiemania August 30, 2008

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If you liked Tiny Love’s budgie avatar, about which I blogged last week, you should check out my new Flickr group “We ❤ SL budgies“. It was set up to promote budgie SL world domination collect and share all budgie pictures to spread the joy and happiness.

I also thought that it would be fun to pose photographical challenges in random intervals and the first one is: Re-enact a scene from a movie with budgies! Submit your images to the group and if you want, let us guess which movie you are re-enacting. There will be no prize, but I will pick some of the funniest images in a few weeks and show them in our blog. So, jump into your feathers or grab a budgie friend and get your props out. The budgie avatar works with human poseballs (we used LAPs “Charlie’s Angels” pose for this pic), which is brilliant beause it makes it easier to do silly shots. It is great fun and highly addictive, I promise!!

Kool and the Gang


3 Responses to “Budgiemania”

  1. lol, i think you were right about the domination part…. i see budgies everywhere! hahaha. pau, you are a genius, this idea is brilliant. i can’t wait to see what the little birdehs come up with 😀

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Oh I missed this yesterday! So much fun budieing around!!

  3. […] budgie & honor your creativity! If you think you might want to be a budgie too, check out Paulina’s post for the info on how you can score one of these avs for yourself. There is now a group in-world […]

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