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Hair Fair 2008 – Flow It, Show It August 31, 2008

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I did not manage to see everything at Hair Fair yet and I know that I am still missing out on some goodies, so I definitely need to go there again. These are four of my favourite hair styles I brought home this time. I decided to create outfits around BareRose’s “Velvetica” gown. This beautiful dress comes in a fatpack with five colours and is a true bargain at $L140!

Blue Velvet

Hair: “flm800” by booN (animated flame hair)
Dress: “Velvetica Blue” by BareRose
Skin: “Shimmering” by Frick
Pose: “BaddaBing” by Long Awkward Pose

Purple Velvet

Hair: “Lady of the bugs” by Stringer Shrine (headpiece with feathers and little bugs)
Dress: “Velvetica Purple” by BareRose
Skin: “Star Scryer” by Frick
Pose: “Break It Down” by Long Awkward Pose

Red Velvet

Hair: “Janie” by Adam n Eve (free gift)
Dress: “Velvetica Red” by BareRose
Skin: “Peaches – Virginia” by Frick
Pose: “Joan” by Long Awkward Pose

Green Velvet

Hair: “Aimee” by Maitreya (free gift)
Dress: “Velvetica Green” by BareRose
Skin: “Retro Pinup Peach Brigitte” by Frick
Pose: “Excuse You” by Long Awkward Pose


2 Responses to “Hair Fair 2008 – Flow It, Show It”

  1. […] See more hair styles more on “Who Let the Dorks Out“. […]

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great photos, you really show the beauty of these hairstyles & the dresses too. ­čśÇ

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