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Dork of the Week: fluffydrawers!! September 2, 2008

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Hey there dorks! This week’s group pool had alot of good pics, again making our choice a difficult one. I’m excited to announce that the winner this week is fluffydrawers! In case you’ve missed it, the grid has been invaded by legions of budgies, or parakeets as they are known in th US. Fluffy’s pic of the budgie king is a perfect example of just what our little feathered friends are capable of. If you want to see some more of fluffy’s pics, check out her flickr stream, lols await you.

sparkles the budgie

Congrats fluffydrawers, we think you make an adorkable budgie & honor your creativity! If you think you might want to be a budgie too, check out Paulina’s post for the info on how you can score one of these avs for yourself. There is now a group in-world devoted to all things budgie, join the SL Budgies group if you want to be involed in the next gathering. We’ll keep you informed of all the birdie fun! You can also join the “We Love SL Budgies” flickr group and submit your pics to that as well. Remember, only budgie pics allowed, we hate having to remove pics that are unrelated but the rules on this one are very clear, only pics with budgies allowed! Keep submitting all your funniest pics to group pool, you never know when you might be chosen the next Dork of the Week.


3 Responses to “Dork of the Week: fluffydrawers!!”

  1. fluffy Says:

    WOOT,WOOT!!!! Thank you so much ladies, it’s an honour to be dork of the week :)))

    I have so much fun as a budgie!!! Budgies are cool, they WRAAAWK!!!!!

  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Wow you’re fast, lol, I just finished posting this! Congrats!! You definitely deserve it…this pic made us laugh so hard! You wrawk too!!

  3. Spirit Says:

    Hurray! Congrats, Sparks! *claps his paws*

    You’re my dork of the century, but you know that.

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