Who let the dorks out?

Protect Tableau! September 9, 2008

Get your prayer hats on, it’s that time of year again. Tableau is under attack annually by natural disaster… and this year damnit, they are doing something about it! The Protection Festival is goin on at the moment to preserve Tableau’s goodness once and for all. Not so secretly…. disasters haven’t been a bad thing in the past and brought us fun new changes in the town. Still, I am a bit attached to the blinky- Nawlins style it has going for it now, so Saint Ingrid hear my prayers! If none of this is making sense… I’m sorry, I’m tired after a week of non-relaxing vacay. Just hop on over there yourself and grab TONS of fun and silly freebies. It’s worth a trip 🙂

Tableau Protection Festival

Tableau Protection Festival
On Bella: Free Shirt, Pants, Flag, and Henna Tattoos
On Bakersfield Kidd: Free Mask, Vest, and Pants

Tableau Protection Festival
All the booths have free stuffs!

Tableau Protection Festival
On Fi: Free Volcano Hat, Glasses and Vest
On Graham…. nothing free… he’s no fun (JKJKJKJK)
On Bella: same as above


2 Responses to “Protect Tableau!”

  1. OMG you totes posted a pic of us partyboy’in Graham! That’s what happens when you get all drunk & go afk!! LMAO! Good times! ❤

  2. I still hear the music every time I see this pic, LOL! afkluff ❤

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