Who let the dorks out?

Dork of the Week: Sakuradawn*Lei! September 16, 2008

Filed under: Dork of the Week,Photography — Fionna Whiteberry @ 5:39 pm

Hola dorks! Yeah yeah yeah, we know, we’re late again….but we have a good excuse….ok no we don’t, I lied ­čśŤ Anywho we finally did choose a dork of the week, Sakuradawn*Lei for her pic entitled Fishing…..Yer Doin It WRONG! We’ve all been the victim of this unfortunate poseball mishap. Let’s just hope all of yours were as funny as this and not in the middle of some nakie time! You guys rock and your pics always have us LOL-ing…so keep them coming! We are entertaining the thought of changing the day we announce the winner to another week day as Monday’s seem to be a difficult day for us all to get together to pick. We’ll make sure to let you know if/when we make that decision. Hope you all have a great week and take lots of funny pics to submit!!

Check out the rest of Sakuradawn*lei’s flickr stream to see some more of her great photos.

Fishing...yer doin it WRONG!!!


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