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(Late) Dork of the Week: Zimmy Weezles! September 23, 2008

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So yea, we are having an apparent pattern with Tuesday’s DOTW. Sorry about that! This might have to be permanent but we’ll decide that soon. On to the good news…
Our Dork today has a wicked sense of humor apparent in her photos. We thought this caught-in-the-act shot (harharhar) was pretty clever. You may look cute, but not so innocent :). Check out the rest of Zimmy Weezles stream here. So congrats Zimmy, and don’t forget to join our in-world group for a very special Dorky title that’s all yours for a week! Keep the funnies coming guys and stay tuned for a future contest with cash prizes, YAY!

I didn't do it!


One Response to “(Late) Dork of the Week: Zimmy Weezles!”

  1. R! Says:

    Well done, Zimmy … although I’m not that happy … I am the dead body ­čśŽ

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