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Je suis un grand canard – and so are you! October 4, 2008

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On my mission to find more great builds for the “BL in a nutshell” series, I stumpled across Narita Rayna’s “Duckie Carnival” and decided that this plot is worth its own post. It is a Dork’s Paradise! To get yourself started, grab the heaps of ducky freebies in the small tent at the entrance: a safety helmet, shoulder pet, hula-hoop with animation, t-shirts, a ducky cannon shooter and waterballoon thrower (those unfortunately did not work at BL).

Je suis un grand canard!

The huge bathtub in the background is actually a Ducky Bumper Car Ride! So much fun!

Ducky Bumper Car Ride

But that is not all, a few steps further and you will find a paddling pool, bouncy castle, a ducky ferry wheel and my absolute favourite: The Disco Ball Pit! Party on!! *yay*

Disco Ball Pit

If you don’t have a lot of time left but still would like to see a bit of Burning Life, this is a “must-go” in my opinion. And remember, you only have until tomorrow and then it will be all gone! Teleport to “Je suis un grand canard – and so are you!” nao.


2 Responses to “Je suis un grand canard – and so are you!”

  1. narita rayna Says:

    *smooch*! ­čśÇ

  2. Paulina Oceanlane Says:


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