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Halloween Treats – grab them while you can October 12, 2008

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The days are getting shorter, the trees are wearing bright colours and all over in the shops pumpkins, spiderwebs and broomsticks are popping up – clear signs that Halloween is approaching quickly and it is time to get prepared. Which costume to wear this year? How to decorate the garden or house and scare friends or innocent bystanders? We hope to give you some inspirations in our blog over the next weeks. I will start with some Halloween freebies I found when rummaging through XstreetSL.com (former SLExchange), but you can find all of them in-world as well.

You can never go wrong with a wicked witch costume and especially not, if it is so awesome like this free costume from Grim Bros (get it at their shop “Low Prim & Grim” or at XstreetSL). It comes with a particle wand, the green skin and an incredibly scary-ugly shape.

Wicked Witch

Minke Bailey put out this very sweet sculpty Halloween scene as a time-limited gift at her shop (teleport to MB CreationZ or get it at XstreetSL). It includes the tree, hay stacks, pumpkins, skulls, bats and everything else you see, plus four animated poses. We rezzed it on our roof because we ❤ it so much!

Halloween Scene

If you ever wondered, which shoes the fashionista witch is wearing those days, I can give you the answer now: cute Halloween wedges from Dawn Designs (get this free gift at the shop or at XstreetSL).

Wedges for Witches

Stay tuned for more Halloween Treats coming soon!


2 Responses to “Halloween Treats – grab them while you can”

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  2. awesome finds and gorgeous shots Pau! ❤

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