Who let the dorks out?

Yoooou better WORK! October 17, 2008

Looking for something exciting to do on Saturday? Look no further! Looking for me to stop sounding like an infomercial? Sorry no luck, BUT I do have some fun news. The amazing Salina Beach, home to an awesome shopping district and club, is having a fashion show at 12pm SLT, Sat Oct 18th. It’s sure to be a hit with Boutique de Liberte´, Decoy (a personal obsession of mine recently), the debut of Lis Noir, Ornamental Life and more! PLUS there is an afterparty you wont want to miss after, with DJ Asrael Hax and DJ Jasminx Seenz. OH YES, thats TWO DJ’s of awesomesauce for your pleasure. If you have time, I highly suggest scoping out what Salina Beach has to offer. It’s a great place for photo-ops and fun with friends. Even catch some waves on the surf if you bring your suit! Just grab this taxi here and hope to see you there 🙂


One Response to “Yoooou better WORK!”

  1. Thema Felix Says:

    It was (and is! the party’s still on) so much fun! And Fionna, your Dork Extraordinaire was a fantastic model!!

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