Who let the dorks out?

Africa October 25, 2008

The first time Fi and I came to Africa was at the beginning of this year and it is funny to look at my old photos. My clothing style has changed and my images have improved a lot since then, but our dorkiness remains the same. LOL.

Africa January 2008

So when I saw Kesseret Steeplechase’s cute Meerkat costume (teleport here) in some blogs I squealed with excitement, as I could finally go back to Africa and take another picture next to the meerkat, which I had never forgotten about, in a more appropriate outfit.

Hakuna Matata

Wandering across the SIM you see animals everywhere and some of them are even rideable. If you have a Windlight viewer, please play around with the settings! It changes the whole atmosphere so much and I spent ages trying to paint the sky in desert colours.

African sunset

There are lots of little gems you might find on your way, like this gorilla hidden between the trees or a huge termite nest.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

You can do a balloon tour with your sweetheart, race yourselves along the river with floaties or use one of the poseball sets – but please, for the sake of innocent meerkats, take off your bling with your clothes if you want to make love in the outback!


Visit Africa or teleport to KessKreations for the meerkat costume.


7 Responses to “Africa”

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  2. kesseret Says:

    OH MY GOD! PRIM MEERKAT! First off thanks for pimpin my meerkat costume but more importantly: HOLY COW SOMEONE MADE A PRIM MEERKAT?!?!?!?!?!

    lol meerkat crazeh! I am glad someone else hearts the ‘kats as well. Thank you!!! Love it!

  3. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Hehe Kess! Any other meerkat lovers up for a meerkat group shot in Africa?? 🙂

  4. Thema Felix Says:

    *starts singing “Africa” by Toto*

    yaaaay i love that sim

  5. kesseret Says:

    I just saw this, I’d love to do a meerkat group shot (months later LOL grrr)

    I’ll donate meerkats to anyone who doesn’t have it.

  6. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Awesome, Kess!!!! 😀 And thanks for your generous offer to spread meerkatness. Let’s try to arrange a date and time and publicise it on the blogs. 😀 YAY!

  7. […] Who Let the Dorks Out? posted about the meerkat costume. Another meerkat lover is always good to have around. PLUS: DID YOU SEE MEERKAT MADE OF PRIMS?! ZOMG! […]

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