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Exploring OpenLife October 29, 2008

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Bettina Tizzy’s blog post about OpenLife as an alternative to Second Life made me very curious. As a lot of SL content creators disappointed by Linden Lab’s latest change to land pricing seem to be looking for alternatives now, I decided to register my avatar name there as well and take a peek into this strange new world.

I downloaded the recommended viewer at the OpenLife homepage and was delighted to see that I could choose both my first and last name freely. Yay! After I had finished the registration process, I found myself eye in eye with the new “OpenMe” – and I am telling you, it wasn’t a pretty sight!


The OpenLife viewer has a very similar feel to the SL viewer and I was glad to find Windlight working as well. A major criterion for me as Flickr addict! Another surprise was that I started with some cash, although I am not sure anymore how much it was. I could have sworn that it was L$10,000, but now it shows only $L1000. So either I remember it wrong, it somehow changed in the course of a day or I got seriously ripped off when getting some of those freebies.


Somehow I managed to teleport from the starting Island to a cluster of OpenLife Islands, where I found my first freebie, a pair of blue jeans. Now I only looked half-stupid. Yay!

Free jeans

After a few steps I stumbled upon notice boards with tutorials and a bunch of ruth clones changing their appereance. In contrast to SL, I first had to create a new shape over my inventory menu, which I then could tweak and modify.

Ruth clones

I also met Sakai Openlife, the founder of this alternative grid and he gave me a few landmarks. One of them brought me to Exodus, a little medieval village, where I found a free avatar with prim hair and prim skirt and finally felt more human/virtual. Yay for more freebies!


I went back earlier this evening and found another little shop with a few free things, one of them a box with prim hair styles and I swear, I know some of them by name from my SL newbie days (“Minerva” anyone?). There I also met another SLer, Emileigh Starbrook, but unfortunately our friendship requests did not seem to go through, meaning I am still friendless there *sighs*. We both tried teleporting back to the OpenLife Islands, but crashed. After several more failed login and teleport attempts I finally gave up for today.

My first impressions of OpenLife? It is very slow, it doesn’t work properly yet and the infrastructure is still at its beginnings. I miss my huge inventory with my mystitool, AO, clothes, avatars, my landmarks, my home and most importantly, my friends.

Will I return? Yes, because I enjoy the feeling of being a “pioneer” and being able to witness the beginnings of a new virtual universe. When I joined SL in 2007, it was a well established world with good content, infrastructure and a large community. I love to listen to tales of older residents about “those days” without prim hair and with system skirts only. I once read somewhere that in the earlier days of SL people used vehicles much more because there were no direct teleports available – absolutely fascinating! OpenLife is still in its beta version and I am sure many of its problems will be sorted out soon. I can’t wait to see how this world will develop in the future, especially if SL content creators will start building over there (although I really hope that SL will not be left deserted at some time in the future). And if you choose to register there as well, please try to add me as friend. 🙂


10 Responses to “Exploring OpenLife”

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  2. I joined it some time ago bought some land built a house then didn’t go back for about 2 months and my land was gone my house gone. I sent in an email to find out why last week and never heard back. Sorry they lost one customer there, 90 aus down the drain.

  3. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Oh Paisley, that sucks! 😦 I hope you will find out some day what happened , because surely something like that shouldn’t happen.

  4. Paulina!!! Awesome blogpost. We could use someone with some fashion sense over there. Let’s be sure to friend each other there, yes?

    Paisley, without exception, every single person I met over there was thrilled with their experience. Why don’t you try contacting them one more time? Maybe you had the wrong email address?

  5. Osiris Indigo Says:

    @Paisley – thats because there was not recurring payment system. You have to pay for your region every month. No Pay – no region.

    did you send your email to accounting?

  6. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    @Bettina: Thank you! From us three dorkettes I am certainly the one with the least fashion sense – I am quite good at dressing up budgies though. 😀 I’ll try to friend you next time I log on there, hopefully the requests go through soon.

  7. Corcosman Voom Says:

    So far, the best post I have read on OpenLife.

    Plus your blog deserves a bookmark just based on the name. : )

  8. Muli Basiat Says:

    Hi Paisley and all 🙂 I m an old timer with SL and once had 70 sims to manage there. Somewhere along the way – perhaps when Phillip was moving to a new job – the flavor of SL changed. Suddenly it was all about money – with creativity taking a second place on the priority list. I recently purchased 4 sims on OL and plan to rebuild my park Acropolis Gardens in OL – since SL is forcing me to tear it down with steady tier increases and new rules that make much of the work I have done wasted. Openlife is like SL a few years ago – but with better graphics. I remember when TPing was hazardous (how many times did I show up with my hair and shoes stuck to my ass?). I will work in SL landscaping sims – and live in OL – and create great places in OL for people to gather and meet and have fun. I am also inviting any creators from SL to come and live free on my land in OL – we need you and want you!

  9. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Oh wow, Corcosman, what a huge compliment! 🙂 This made my day Glad you like our blog name, hehe!

    Muli, Acropolis Gardens is such a beautiful place in SL and it will be sad to lose it there. I hope that you will be able to rebuild it in OL and I will surely be visiting once it is ready. 🙂

  10. Jimmy Oceans Says:

    I bought some land in OpenLife, went away for awhile, came back – and all my stuff was gone, Customer Service still hasn’t responded to me.

    over $150 U.S. is now gone…

    OpenLife SUCKS! it is a RIP OFF.

    I’m going back to Second Life.

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