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The Dorkiest Ghouls on the Grid!! October 30, 2008

Filed under: Dorkiness,Photography — Fionna Whiteberry @ 12:06 pm

Alright…..lame, I know, but had to go there in honor of this being All Hallow’s Eve!   Seems like I’m not the only dork to love Halloween because we received quite a few entries for our Dork of Doom photo contest and we have reached a unanimous decision on our two winners.  First place goes to Agea Capalini for her hysterical pic “Trying to give up hunting”….. depicting what most of us need right now, restraints to keep us from doing another hunt!!!   Check out Aggy’s flickr photostream here where you can view more of her creativity and silliness.
Trying to Give Up Hunting!

2nd place goes to Betty Rogan for more of her budgie adventures, this time in a coffin, in a pic she appropriately titled “OMG” Her flickr stream is chock full of more budgie goodness, tiny pics,as well as photo evidence that she does morph into human form once in awhile.


We want to thank you all for submitting your pics to our contest!!! Your submissions always have us lol’ing and we’ll be working on another contest for you all to participate in soon! Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, lots of mischief & mayhem….oh and CANDY, can’t forget the CANDY!!!


One Response to “The Dorkiest Ghouls on the Grid!!”

  1. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Congratulations Aggy and Betty and thanks so much for all your photos! They were hilarious. :))

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