Who let the dorks out?

Happy Halloween! October 31, 2008

Many people say that Halloween is their favourite holiday in SL and it is easy to understand why. The costume possibilities are endless and unlimited. When I thought about a costume for a halloween party in real life, I immediately had some things in mind and then had to realise that they are only existent in my SL inventory – fail!

My favourite SL costume this year was Dernier Cri’s bumble bee costume by Asuka Martin. It has been all over the blogs already but I want to mention it here again because it is such a cute outfit and unbelievably, it is a free halloween gift! When I just checked it still was there, so if you haven’t got it yet, go there quickly (teleport here)! And after you got it, submit your photos to Alles Klaar’s Flickr group “Beautiful Bees“. 🙂

Honey Dorks

Following a tip from “SL Things To Do” I came to “The Night Howl Haunted House” by Jade Angkarn, which immediately became my favourite haunted house in SL. The textures are great and on your way through the House you will encounter lots of little spooky scenes, many of them with a humorous twist. If you want to get into the mood for halloween, teleport here and get spooked!

Happy  Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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