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La Reve – a surreal dream world November 8, 2008

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A while ago RayRay Shippe dropped a landmark on me and urged me to visit this surreal place La Reve – a place that, as she said, feels like being inside somebody’s dream. I finally made it there a few days ago and was blown away. Lash Xevious created this surreal and beautiful island, which is best experienced with your non-standard Windlight settings (like Torley‘s presets).

La Reve Island

Exploring the island, you will find many sculptures and little sceneries, like this unusual chess board with Black and White battling against each other. As a big glow fan, I liked how it was used to accentuate the art installations.

Black and white

There are poseballs scattered over the island that send you into a deep sleep or let you dream away, making the whole experience even more surreal. Are you dreaming this, or are you part of somebody elses dream? Could somebody pinch me please?

La Reve - like a dream

Teleport to La Reve.


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