Who let the dorks out?

Sculptie Island November 13, 2008

When Fi and I stumbled across Sculptie Island by Timmi Allen on one of our explorer tours, we couldn’t believe that this place didn’t seem to have a lot of traffic. Here they were, four sims plus an additional level in the sky connected to form one giant island full of different sceneries, plants, animals, buildings and things to do – and nobody was there!

Sculptie Experiments

What makes this place special are the very realistic sculpted animals in their various habitats. We felt like real explorers, discovering something new and amazing with every step.

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I love the large forest area in Sculptie Wonder (direct teleport). It hides a little cabin with fire pit, a small castle and of course again, lots of animals. Look out for the white sheep all staring at the black sheep, hehe.

Sculptie Wonder

Sculptie Paradise hosts a large horse racing track (everything on the island is free of charge). The horses have three different paces and racing them is fun, although I ended up going backwards several times. In the middle of the sim is a small island and on it we found a dino riding farm – yay (direct teleport)! There are also rideable elephants and camels, if you like it more exotic.

Dino riding farm

We took one of the elevators at the shore line and it brought us to the sky level, Sculptie Experiments (direct teleport), which is my favourite part of this place and is shown in the first photo on the top. Eight little floating stone islands connected by stone bridges, and each harbours its own little world. A farm, a small forest, Greek temples, a desert and much more. And of course animals everywhere. After entering the last island you step into a magical forest with mythical inhabitants. Each island is a photographers heaven!


As christmas is approaching fast, it is also worth mentioning that Santa’s sleigh is parked on Christmas Island (direct teleport) in front of gingerbread houses and snow-covered trees. A perfect background for those christmas photos and e-cards you might want to send out to your friends!

Sculptie Island

The animals, trees etc. can be purchased in the shop that is located within the temple area. We bought a brown cow and I should mention that after rezzing her on our plot her head sometimes goes into a funny ball shape, apparently because the chewing script takes a while to load. When I IMed Timmi about it, he replied quickly and nicely and offered to replace it with a static version if it shouldn’t changed. We kinda like our “Scary Face” now though and didn’t take up his offer yet.

So if you love exploring, taking photos and having fun (which I hope most of you do), then please teleport to Sculptie Island!


6 Responses to “Sculptie Island”

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  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Awesome post & pics Pau. Might also want to mention that last time we checked the snowman in the winter scene was a freebie. ❤

  3. Thema Felix Says:

    ooooh why haven’t I been there?

    great recommendation!

  4. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Thanks Fi! You are right about the snowman, I haven’t checked if it is still there but I guess it will be.

    Thema, it is a lovely place! 🙂

  5. Candy Lemmon Says:

    How did I miss this post???

    *strips naked and goes prancing into the mist with the Unicorns*

  6. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Are there going to be pics in Flickr later? 😀

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