Who let the dorks out?

Stamp for your life January 9, 2009

The Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) has been going on for a while now and if you haven’t done it yet, you still have time until the 18th January. The concept behind it is simple: if you purchase a qualifying item (marked by a blue-white sign with CSR) in one of the 20 participating stores listed on the website, you automatically receive a stamp card. To collect stamps, wear all your cards at once and touch the stamping machines in every participating store (all your cards will be stamped that way). After you finished, teleport to the CSR Event Hall and choose one prize for each of your stamped cards.

Don’t be as stupid as I was and think carefully beforehand, which of the exclusive prizes you want – they are not being sold and only days after I finished my first tour to get some of the prizes I realised that I really, really, really wanted to have that bunny avatar and the tea set. And had to start the whole teleport tour again. Doh! Anyway, just to convince you that it is worth to do this stamp rally, we are going to show you some of the great things that can be purchased to get a card and some of the amazing prizes you can choose from.

Stamp for your life

The cyclops hat by Gritty Kitty was the first item I purchased. At this point I hadn’t heard of the stamp rally yet, but the hat’s silliness and option for colour change immediately won me over! I didn’t know ::plod:: before the CSR, and I certainly missed out on that. Not only do they sell great things for your home, but they also have four prize roulette wheels in their back yard, which you can spin for $L20 and win quirky little things like acorn throwers, christmas trees or moons to sit on. The garden pool I bought comes with a texture change option and is just perfect for a refreshment in the s-s-s-snow.

Stamp for your life
I received another stamp card with these adorable acorn chairs and acorn table (acorns with three animations), also sold by ::plod::. The bunny avatars Fi and I are wearing are DP*yumyum*’s prize and we are having the greatest fun with them! *LMEO* (translation: Laughing My Ears Off). In this picture we are wearing the Pure and Dark Alice dresses by Dreamin’g Alice (free anniversary gift).
The tea set by =Feather= is the most elaborate and charming interactive food thing I have ever seen in SL. It consists of a fine cloth on which a tea cup, milk saucer, sugar and lemon are set up. If you click the cup, it fills itself with tea. You then can add milk by touching the milk saucer – making the tea go whiter with every click. It is even possible to empty the jug! Of course you can also add sugar cubes or alternatively, you can squeeze a slice of lemon into your tea. The cup is then offered to you and gets empty after a certain amount of time, after which your avatar will stop drinking. Absolutely amazing!!

Stamp for your life
::plod::‘s prize is this beautiful Apple Tree House, which even comes with its own furniture and a lighted tree in the roof. A demo version can be found outside the main store.

Stamp for your life
Last but not least, the wondercycle by HPMD brought a big smile to our faces. It includes one wearable version and two different rideable wondercycles with two poses.

Have we convinced you? Take a look at the prizes again, get all necessary stamp cards together and then go go go! But if you feel a bit sick now by all this overwhelming cuteness, stay tuned – in one of our next posts we are going to cover dorky throwers and weapons.


7 Responses to “Stamp for your life”

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  2. Fionna Whiteberry Says:

    Great post Pau! The bunny av is tons of fun, I’m so glad you got one too! Love you more than carrots and cottontails! ❤

  3. QueenKellee Kuu Says:

    now i want the teeeeaaa set!!! I thought I was sure I had everything I wanted but it looks just too cute. dern I might have to go buy 1 more thingy (read: justify another hair from 69!)

    Yay for CSR! \o/

  4. omg, don’t let me forget to do this! LOL, that would suck soooo bad if i missed all the awesomeness. great post!!! ❤

  5. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Thanks Fi! Love you more than acorns!

    Queen: I didn’t even know that the tea set was this cool when I got it, I just thought it looked cute. But after unpacking and trying it I was squealing with delight. I went to the shop and saw that they also sell tea sets, so if you don’t have time for the stamp rally, this might be another option. 🙂

    Bella, do it nao! nao! Hehe. <33

  6. Mike Says:

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  7. Thanks Mike! Sorry so late on the response, we’ve been slightly MIA with life getting busy. That means a lot and I hope we can all play on here more in the future and bring more content goodness 😀

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