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Win a budgie avatar! May 21, 2009

Filed under: Contest,Dorkiness — Paulina Oceanlane @ 11:33 am

Have you ever wanted to join the budgie crew but couldn’t because you either couldn’t afford the avatar, you still need that little bit of convincing or have other reasons I can’t think of now (because who on earth wouldn’t WANT to be a budgie :D)?

This could change now! Post a picture on Flickr (or in your blog) depicting why YOU desperately need a budgie avatar and post a link to your entry until Sunday 24th May 1 pm SLT in this thread in the SL budgies Flickr group or in the comments below. I will pick the person who convinced me most and will sponsor him or her a budgie avatar by “Tiny Love” in a colour of choice, so that he/she can join us in our crazy adventures! Know somebody who would love to be a budgie? Tell her/him about this challenge. 🙂


The Great Budgie Hike


2 Responses to “Win a budgie avatar!”

  1. What a fantabulous idea Miss Pau. And even if I’m the lone cockateil, I can’t wait to go on a budgie adventure 😀

  2. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Aww Bella, cockatiels are most welcome too – and last time there was another one as well, so you might not be lonely at all! 😀

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