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Advances in Technology: Nanobunnies to attack blood clots!! May 29, 2009

It is with great pleasure that we can announce today a major advance in nanotechnology to tackle the serious issue of blood clots. Our scientists have been working very hard to develop a new therapy, which works fast, reliable and virtually without any side effects.

May we present: Nanobunnies(TM)!


Nanobunnies(TM) are tinier than red blood cells (pictured above) and capable of using them to steer through blood vessels, directly to the place of their action.

Once they have arrived at their destination, Nanobunnies(TM) will use their highly specialised submarine with incorporated Nanocarrot(TM) technology to fire the nanocarrots (packed in stainless steel robot shells) at the blood clots.


Pictured below is one of our scientists studying a representative blood sample after treatment.


In our study, 100% of cases showed the same result after treatment with Nanocarrot(TM) technology: no remaining blood clots and happy Nanobunnies(TM)!


Wanna be a Nanobunny/blood cell rider/nanorobot shooter yourself? Teleport here to Kapela, get your free “Innerspace” set with the biohazard suit, rideable blood cells and submarine and attack the blood clot! Beware of the immune system and if you like, hunt some bacteria. ­čśÇ YAY!

Bunny avatars by DP**yumyum**.
Space suits by BareRose.


2 Responses to “Advances in Technology: Nanobunnies to attack blood clots!!”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:


  2. Psh Says:

    Thanks for the interesting news. Very beautiful pictures. Learned a lot new to subscribe to your news. I would wait for new articles. Good luck.

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