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Alice and Kev June 18, 2009

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I have never played “The Sims” (gasp!) but I know that for many people they were a springboard into virtual worlds like “Second Life”. Recently I have read several articles about the new version “Sims 3” and it sounded like a fun game but I wasn’t fully convinced yet if I should give it a go.

Until yesterday, when I stumbled across Robin Burkinshaw’s blog “Alice and Kev“, in which he describes the story of his two homeless Sims: Kev and his daughter Alice.

“Kev is hot-headed, mean-spirited, and inappropriate. He also dislikes children, and he’s insane. He’s basically the worst Dad in the world. He is a horrible human being, but he’s also amusing to watch. His daughter Alice is a kind-hearted clumsy loser. With those traits, that Dad, and no money, she’s going to have a hard life.”

The way his characters behave in certain situations, how their personal traits influence their decisions and interactions with other Sims and most importantly, Robin’s write-up of their story and the accompanying photos make his blog the best Sims3 “documentation” I have read so far. I was amazed and shocked how real, funny and even heartbreaking it was in some parts and I couldn’t stop reading.

This, and Bella’s comment on how Mia’s Hair Fair Booth looked a bit like a painting her Sim painted, convinced me that I should give it a go soon!


One Response to “Alice and Kev”

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! You definitely should give the simmies a chance. In this version, you can choose personality traits and it’s true, what you choose makes each Sim unique. You have a “special” category in conversations as well, that pertain to your specific personality. Insane people talk to themselves. Inappropriate people are… well rather hilariously inappropriate! Geniuses give eachother pats on the back for cleverness and learn at super speed. It’s so funny, you get I believe 5 traits for adults and young adults to pick out of toooons of options. My favorite sim family right now are geniuses. One is a highly acclaimed author and painter. His daughter is well on her way to taking over the free world as their leader. No seriously, that’s her career path, hehe. Get in the fun Pau!

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