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The Dork’s Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B: Atomic June 26, 2009

The Dork's Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B: Atomic

Today Fi dropped a landmark on me, which brought me to Atomic and to the “Rise of the Funky Fembots” by Maya Paris. I hadn’t heard of the Funky Fembots before, but they instantly made me smile. Maya gives away a static and a scripted avatar version as gift. The animated one is absolutely hilarious, but unfortunately does not work at SL6B due to script restrictions. Such a fun avatar! Go and get one here!

Tomorrow's Enchantments

SL6B’s theme is “The Future of Virtual Worlds” and if the future looks like BambiTwice Nitely’s exhibit “Tomorrow’s Enchantments“, I can’t wait for it to happen! BambiTwice created the wonderful Enchantment Island, which we have been meaning to blog for ages and never got around to so far. Her exhibit shows some of their attractions on a smaller scale. Not too small though to not include a giant bubble ride!!

Tomorrow's Enchantments

I took this ride about 6 times but didn’t manage to get a better picture, so you will have to go there and try it yourself. It is soo worth it! To get to the ride, click on the big rotating sign (I almost managed to miss it due to my mental advertisement blocker). It will take you to the top of the long tube, where you will find a bubble to sit in, and off you go down the giant tube just like a marble! Before you leave, grab the freebies, which include LOL spectacles and one of my all-time favourites, the anti-gravity plunger boots (shown in the second picture above). They come with a HUD and upon activation they let you walk on ceilings etc. Obviously, in open spaces you will just be pulled up into the sky infinitely.

The Future of Flowers

The Future of Flowers” by Skycat Ranger, Grace Selene and Sentou Yousel is a very pretty build and you can get cute fairy wings as a free gift.

Cryo Chambers

Poid Mahovlich’s Cryo Chambers glow beautifully and if you sit on one of the chair-like structures outside of a chamber, you are suddenly encapsuled in one, facing an isolated, beating heart.


Inclusion” by IvyFalls features a huge “Life Tree” with different pods functioning as viewing platforms over the whole sim, and a party pod on top. This picture is actually an arial shot because I loved the sparkles coming out of it.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Dork’s Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B! Click here if you missed Part 1: Hologram.

The Dork's Totally Incomplete Guide to SL6B

Skin: Steel Starlet Skin 1 by MiaSnow
Eyes: Standard Eyes Watermelon by Miriel
Hair: Lala Pink by Glitter
Dress: The Dreamer Party Dress by Pink Outfitters
Shoes: Heels on Wheels by –enkythings
Glasses: LOL spectacles, free gift by “Tomorrow’s Enchantments” at SL6B (picture taken at this exhibit too).


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  1. bettinatizzy Says:

    Aw, wow, that’s an adorable blogpost. High 5! Hurray for the fembots!!

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